Our Installation and Shade sale Warranty Information

  • This product is guaranteed against defects or damage caused by faulty workmanship or materials used in its construction when used for its intended purpose and under normal conditions. This warranty applies for a period of twelve months. Shade sails also warrants the shade fabric against ultraviolet degradation for a period of two years. In the event of a warranty claim, the customer must notify WECANSHADEIT in writing within one week of the failure warranted against.

  • This warranty, together with the limitations set forth below, represent a bargained for aspect of the product purchased by customer and the warranty limitations are reflected in the purchase price. All limitations herein constitute a bargained for term of purchase.

  • Your warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship, which adversely affects the product’s ability to perform or significantly detract from its aesthetic qualities, including fading.

  • There is no warranty coverage for damage to the product caused by improper installation. WECANSHADEIT offers installation services if so desired and customer has opted for self-installation in order to reduce the cost of the product. All limitations herein constitute a bargained for term of purchase.

  • Any installation suggestions offered by WECANSHADEIT are provided as a courtesy only and do not provide any separate warranty, extension of this warranty or any other basis for warranty claims. Customer is responsible for all installation plans, permits, engineering and/or installation related construction unless otherwise arranged with WECANSHADEIT. Any damage caused by improper installation (including but not limited to engineering, permitting, construction, faulty materials, etc.) is specifically excluded from any warranty claim.

  • The colors red and yellow are warranted against significant fading for only two years.

  • Fabric is not warranted where it is installed on a structure that is not engineered and built by WECANSHADEIT.

  • This warranty shall be void if damage to or failure to the shade structure is caused by contact with chemicals, chlorine, bleaching agents, hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon containing solvents, misuse, vandalism, or any act of God, including by not limited to wind in excess of the limitations set forth below.

  • All fabric tops are warranted for sustained winds up to 35mph and for just of up to 3 seconds duration up to 45mph. Removal of the shade fabric is required if damaging winds are called for. Damage due to snow or ice accumulation is not covered by this warranty. Canopies should be removed during the off season.

  • Customer is responsible for any and all locates of sprinkler/sewer lines during for the install. Any repairs needed will be at the owner’s expense. WECANSHADEIT is responsible for calling in locates for TV, gas and electric. WECANSHADEIT is not responsible any ruts caused by our trucks or equipment however we do take pride in making sure we leave the area as it was before.

  • To make a claim, send your written statement of claim, along with original invoice number to:
    8109 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, FL 32407