Shading your outdoor eating area is an absolute must. Tacky Jacks is a restaurant located in Orange Beach, Alabama. Their problem regarding shade was they literally had zero amount of shade for their outdoor dining area. They were lucky enough to already have a big indoor eating area, but for those busy summer months the indoor area wasn’t cutting it. I mean ,who doesn’t love to eat outside? So they decided to broaden their horizons and see what Unique Shade Solution we could give them….. Challenge accepted!!

    If you are a restaurant owner, giving your customers the dining experience they want is a big deal, no one wants to sit outside if they can’t enjoy it. Another perk to outdoor shade sails at a restaurant is you don’t have to worry about debris or anything else falling onto their food like you would an unshaded area.

  Another advantage being that WECANSHADEIT uses all stainless steel hardware, so being in Orange Beach, Alabama the owners were concerned about rust because of the salt water in the air. NEVER FEAR, STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE IS HERE!!

    Picking a design for your shade sail is also an easy process. A member of our sales team will gladly assist you in giving you a unique design to benefit your business in the best way possible, and the correct color scheme available for your business. WECANSHADEIT came up  with the idea of three triangles, and a square, with an array of colors; red, green, yellow, and blue. Those colors seemed to bring out the Tacky in the name  “Tacky Jacks”. Oddly enough, those 4 colors are the colors throughout the entire restaurant, the shades not only provide a good conversation piece but they also make the area about 20 degrees colder…. and if you know anything about summer, 20 degrees cooler is a delightful difference!