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Shade Sails on your back porch have almost become a given for us.  One of our most popular places for a shade sail on our residential jobs is the back porch. The reason a shade sail is a better option for your back porch is because it is the most versatile option there is, during those hot months your shade sail can give you the most shade, unlike an awning (which is actually stationary) you can a shade sail down during the cold winter months when you would actually need some sunlight.

Another great reason for a back porch shade sail connected to the house is that if you have windows along the back of your house with no shade sail, then things can seem to get pretty hot during the summer through those specific windows, inside OR outside!  Shade sails over your back porch can also cut down on cost, seeing that you can have connection points onto your house you ultimately wouldn’t need as many poles as a typical job. Connection points isn’t the only way to cut down on costs with a shade sail, if you have 0 shade and the sunlight is beaming directly into your house your air conditioner would have to be running faster than a New York Minute, that’s why a shade sail is absolutely a necessity!

Shade sails can even be on your balcony, with the beauty of being able to take it down for those days you’re feeling like getting some extra sun. Also, when you have enough lean in your sail it can provide some privacy onto your balcony. Maybe your house is just missing that extra pop of color you’ve always wanted but never knew where to put it. Whatever the case may be, WE CAN SHADE IT has just the unique shade solution for you!