WECANSHADEIT shade sail fabric are made of 100% recyclable products and come in an array of colors. The style is designed and knitted for easy fabrication. We use the best available shade fabric that can be used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. They are able to weather rain, high winds, dust, hail, and block the suns UV rays, there are even sail material options that are FIRE PROOF and are fire Marshall approved for your safety!!  Our Shade Sail material is also warrantied against ripping, tearing, or fading. Our material is light-weight while still providing 97% UV protection and still being a very  durable product. Our Shade Sail material comes in handy in cooling the air-temperature while under a shade sail, aiding in the coolness of indoor spaces as well by keeping the heat off of your house, and even saving money  on your air conditioning bills.

WECANSHADEIT offers water-proof shade sails as well ( under the right Circumstance ), but for a shade sail to be water proof, a hard slant in the shade sail would have to be a factor to prevent the shade sail to puddle up and tear. Although if you don’t choose a waterproof shade sail, a regular shade sail will still block about 30% of rain ( turning a downpour into more of a mist ).

If you find it challenging to decide between two colors, THAT’S NO PROBLEM! WECANSHADEIT can incorporate two, even THREE colors into one shade sail! See picture below: ( Red, black, and white, ALL IN ONE SHADE SAIL!!)


 At the time of shade sail installation, one of our representatives will be glad to instruct you on proper care and cleaning; Which typically only Requires Water and is a quick easy process! As far as our material, and color options, the possibilities are absolutely ENDLESS!!