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At WECANSHADEIT we also do many residential jobs for homeowners. In most cases, the home owner will come to us with a number of problems: One being, during the heat of summer the pools were feeling more like a hot tub because of the size and zero shade. Their second problem being trees, and wanting to cut back on the debris from trees getting into the pool, and needing a shaded space for entertainment, because come on; Who doesn’t love a good pool party?

We came up with this specific design so our homeowners could enjoy their pool and not feel like they’re being cooked for dinner because of the hot Florida sun. Our go-to solution for these problems are to shade part of the pool ( this can help make the shaded area in the pool a whole 10 degrees colder ). Having certain parts of the pool shaded aids in keeping debris out of the pool as well, having these trees in the back yard can also be used as a connection point for these sails (which can cut down on cost) .

There’s nothing worse then trying to enjoy yourself at a table with nothing but a measly umbrella that let’s be quite honest, would blow away with a single gust of wind. Shading around your pool makes a great entertainment place for the seasons that aren’t so “pool appeasing” you can have your cookouts under them, or even just enjoy a nice lunch outside SHADED!

Shade Sails being over your pool is typically a no brainer. With a shade sail you get to call the shots on your pool, if you didn’t want it shaded for a day or two and wanted some sunlight, all you would have to do is spend about 10 minutes taking your shade sail down! The plus side is you have the versatility whenever you want it. Here at WECANSHADEIT, having shade is better than not having any at all.