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Here at WECANSHADEIT all the hardware for our shade sails are stainless steel, meaning you never have to worry about rust! The stainless steel also ensures durability.

In each and every shade sail there is a stainless steel wire cable. This cable allows us to evenly distribute pressure on each connection point keeping the sail tight, so your shade will stay in its designed position.

Our shade sails also require turnbuckles. The purpose for our turnbuckles are to insure the perfect amount of tension throughout the shade sail, without the shade sails having a tight pull to it, the shade sail wouldn’t last as long because it wouldn’t be able to be pulled as tightly as they are.  The Turnbuckles also help when taking the shade sail down to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Taking sails down, or putting them back up takes about 15 minutes thanks to the turnbuckles!

Each one of our connection points on our shade sails has a D-ring. The D-ring connects the shade sail to the turnbuckle. The D-ring is in place because the turnbuckle cannot directly be connected to the shade sail.

The proper use of this hardware is extremely important. With each one of our connection points having between 80-120 pounds of pressure on them. A properly tightened sail will provide you with 17+ years of enjoyment!