WECANSHADEIT was contacted by Gulf Coast State College for several issues regarding shade for their students. Outside of their cafeteria where most students enjoy eating their lunch, or simply using the tables for a quick cram session in between classes. In this case there was just too much unshaded space for the outside seating area to even be in option in the summer which caused the library to be over crowded and there was just too much wasted space outside that could be beneficial with the right amout of shade.

We provided them with a wide variety of options to get the most shade possible. The job included a total of 10 shade sails. This was enough to give their outdoor seating area 80% worth of shade, making the summer heat bearable to actually enjoy the outside if under a shade sail.

This job required 13 poles for the perfect height and unique design. We also were able to use the building for connection points. The two picnic tables had a total of 4 triangle shade sails above them, these shade sails were attached in the center to provide the most shade possible out of smaller triangles.

The colors for this job included: aquatic blue, turquoise, and yellow. These colors were chosen not only because they are the school colors, but also to show the great Commodore pride!

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