Shade Sail Material

    WECANSHADEIT shade sail fabric are made of 100% recyclable products and come in an array of colors. The style is designed and knitted for easy fabrication. We use the best available shade fabric that can be used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. They are able to weather rain, high

Keeping Your Pool Shaded

            At WECANSHADEIT we also do many residential jobs for homeowners. In most cases, the home owner will come to us with a number of problems: One being, during the heat of summer the pools were feeling more like a hot tub because of the size and zero shade. Their second problem being trees, and wanting

Hardware for Shade Sails

Here at WECANSHADEIT all the hardware for our shade sails are stainless steel, meaning you never have to worry about rust! The stainless steel also ensures durability. In each and every shade sail there is a stainless steel wire cable. This cable allows us to evenly distribute pressure on each connection point keeping the sail tight,

Shade Sails For Colleges and Universities

WECANSHADEIT was contacted by Gulf Coast State College for several issues regarding shade for their students. Outside of their cafeteria where most students enjoy eating their lunch, or simply using the tables for a quick cram session in between classes. In this case there was just too much unshaded space for the outside seating area